Copper Alloy



Approx. Rs 500 / Piece(s)

Copper and Copper Alloy, Bronze, Gun metal, Brass, Nickel Bronze, Nickel Silver, Monel Metal and cupro Nickel
Alloy To be TreatedCover FluxDeoxidising TubeDegassing CakeAlremover
Al, SI, BronzeSarubral 2/3E1/E3Gasex-1/2
Gun MetalCopper -1 Block / Copperex STD PowderBO (I) or DeoxidiserGasex-1/2
Lead BronzeLeadalBO (1)Gasex-1/2
Nickel Silver Phosphor-BronzeCopprex-18 Block/Copprex-14 PowderBO (1)Gasex-1/2Alremover
BrassCopprit-98 Powder/Copprit-1 BlockBO (I) or DeoxidiserGasex-1/2
High Conductivity CopperCopprit PowderBO (I) or DeoxidiserGasex-1/2Alremover
Nickel Bronze Monel MetalCopprex-1 Block/Copper STD PowderBO (I) or DeoxidiserGasex-1/2
Chromium BronzeChrombralBO (I)Gasex-1/2

Aggrex-AC-2 : Slag Coagulator
Rate of Addition
BO (I) or Deoxidiser100 gm per 100 kg. melt
E-1Each for 25kg. melt
E-3Each for 25kg. melt
Copper-1 Block1 kg. per 100 kg. melt
Copper-STD Powder
Copprit-1 Block
Copprit Powder
Gasex-1Each for 100kg. melt
Gasex-2Each for 250kg. melt

Lead & Lead based alloy Having tin upto 10% : Leadex-2 A powder product for covering & cleaning of lead based alloy
Rate of Addition
Leadex-20.1 to 0.2% & for Dirty Scrap 0.5 %
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